ACP® therapy and SVF® therapy

Injektion von Autologous Conditioned Plasma

ACP® therapy and SVF® therapy

ACP® therapy can have a beneficial effect on:

  • Osteoarthritis (wear and tear of the knee, hip, shoulder or other joints)
  • Subacromial syndrome
  • Acute sports injury of the musculoskeletal system, ligaments and tendons
  • Tendonitis
  • Scar pain
  • Behandlung chronischer Wunden, auch bei infizierten Wunden wie MRSA


The healing process of an injured or inflamed tissue (e.g. muscle, tendon or cartilage) goes through a complex and precisely regulated series of endogenous processes. Platelets play an important role in this process. At the site of injury, they release growth factors that initiate the reconstruction of the injured tissue and inhibit painful inflammatory processes.
This is the basis of ACP® therapy, whose high concentration of growth factors supports the body's own healing process.
The concentration of all measured growth factors is five to twenty-five times higher in conditioned plasma than in whole blood. ACP® therapy is recommended for painful mild to moderate arthrosis (arthrosis grade I-III). Significant relief can also be achieved in sports injuries of the ligaments and tendons as well as tendonitis, chronic wounds and scar pain.
Generally, three injections are required, each one week apart. A single booster injection every 9 months is often recommended thereafter.

SVF stands for "stromavascular fraction." This is the portion of fat tissue that contains regenerative cells. These cells can be obtained through a special procedure. In addition, the regenerative cells can form into different types of cells such as bone or cartilage. These regenerative cells are found in large quantities in adipose tissue and can be obtained by an appropriate procedure. The regenerative cells of adipose tissue can also release numerous signaling substances that play an important role in tissue regeneration.


The combination of ACP® and SVF®

In recent years, there has been increasing interest in biological treatment options that utilize the properties of platelets and regenerative cells described above. How well ACP® and SVF® work together has already been demonstrated in studies.


For ACP® therapy, a small amount of blood (approx. 15 ml) is taken from your arm vein as for a blood test. This is done using a double-chamber syringe specially developed by the Arthrex® company. This double-chamber system ensures sterile collection and sterile injection of the plasma and thus offers the highest possible safety. By means of a special separation process, the cellular components of the blood (such as the erythrocytes) are separated and the cell-free plasma (PRP=platelet-rich plasma) with the body's own regenerative and, among other things, arthrosis-inhibiting components is obtained.


SVF® stands for "stromavascular fraction". This is the part of adipose tissue that contains regenerative cells. These cells are sterilely extracted under local anesthesia during liposuction (fat suction) of 30ml of fatty tissue from a suitable site (e.g. abdomen, hip or thigh) using a specially designed syringe. SVF® is separated from other substances of the fatty tissue; thus, the body's own regenerative components are obtained


Among other things, the ACP® contains platelets, growth factors, interleukin 7 (anti-inflammatory) and 5-kDa as well as hBD-3 (two antimicrobial peptides). It has long been known that the growth factors contained in the blood can influence various healing processes.
Healing and reconstruction processes take place by injecting the ACP® into the damaged tissue / joint.

If necessary, we combine the two treatment options ACP® and SVF®.


Please ask your attending physician about the costs.

The ACP® therapy as well as the SVF® therapy are not a benefit of the statutory health insurance, not of all health insurances or professional accident insurances. In individual cases, the costs may be covered by the health insurances/insurances. However, these costs are often tax deductible. 
For self-payers and privately insured persons, we bill according to the scale of fees for physicians (GOÄ).

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