Diagnostic service spectrum

We are happy to offer the following diagnostic services:

Conventional diagnostics

  • In-depth symptom-related examination
  • Trigger point diagnostics

Diagnostics apparatus

  • Digital X-ray examination
  • Sonography
  • Cone Beam CT (Digital Volume Tomography (DVT)for 3D visualization)

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (Digital Volume Tomography)

We can offer you the first orthopedically usable digital cone beam computed tomography in Schleswig-Holstein.

In cone beam computed tomography, 3-dimensional X-ray images of the joints of the arms and legs and of the head are taken within a few seconds. For this purpose, the patient is in a comfortable position.

The images can also be taken under stress, for example while the patient is standing, in order to clarify certain issues. Cone beam computed tomography has a significantly higher resolution and significantly less radiation exposure than CT [computed tomography].

Cone Beam-Computertomografie - Aufnahme eines Kniegelenkes
Cone Beam-Computertomografie - Aufnahme eines Kniegelenkes

Due to the technology, digital volume tomography is also able to accurately depict the transition of the endoprosthesis to the bone (the so-called interface) in the case of endoprosthesis loosening or infection and is thus far superior to spiral CT and MRI in its information. What is the advantage of cone beam computed tomography [digital volume tomography] over computed tomography and "normal" two-dimensional projection X-ray? CT is currently the most common X-ray method for 3-dimensional and projection X-ray for 2-dimensional X-ray examinations.

Due to the specialized properties of cone beam computed tomography in the diagnosis of the cranium and extremities, the known methods lose out due to the following facts:

  • The availability of a spiral CT is very limited and appointments are sometimes associated with long waiting times. Cone beam computed tomography can be used here in the practice directly by us without long waiting times.
  • Cone beam computed tomography provides very high image quality and resolution, resulting in diagnostic confidence well above that of 2-dimensional X-ray and even higher than CT.
  • Cone beam computed tomography works with a radiation exposure reduced by at least 50% compared to a conventional CT and is thus hardly distinguishable from that of a 2-dimensional X-ray. The radiation exposure of an examination is in the range of the daily unavoidable radiation exposure in Germany.
  • Our digital volume tomograph (cone beam computed tomography) from the company SCS is designed in such a way that patients can experience a relaxed diagnosis within a few seconds, spatially free and in a comfortable posture, which is why concerns about taking lengthy images "in the tube" or with strenuous positions in 2-dimensional X-rays no longer have any basis.
  • Our cone beam computed tomograph enables images to be taken under stress, which cannot be covered by conventional spiral CT. These images allow symptoms occurring in everyday life under natural stress to be diagnosed much more reliably and quickly.
  • From the 3-dimensional images of our digital volume tomograph, freely selectable 2-dimensional images can be calculated, which is why the conventional projection X-ray with its complex, sometimes strenuous and lengthy preparation procedure is no longer necessary.

Unfortunately, the examination with a cone beam computer tomograph is not yet covered by health insurance. Private health insurances and professional associations usually cover the costs, since we bill according to GOÄ or UV-GOÄ, just as we do for self-payers. If necessary, a preliminary inquiry should be made.