We are specialized in diagnostics and conservative as well as operative therapy of general surgery, hand surgery and orthopedics. Our specialties include inguinal hernia operations, hand surgery and joint surgery with keyhole operations of all joints as well as endoprosthetic joint replacement. Here we are characterized by a high level of specialist competence and many years of experience in combination with modern medical technology as well as holistic and naturopathic therapies.

Consultation, examination and treatment are always in the hands of the experienced specialist. We attach great importance to a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and take time for the conversation.

The protection of your personal data is important to us. See also our patient information on data protection.

We are doctors with a passion and want our patients to feel comfortable with us.

We look forward to seeing you!
Your Abdel Kader, MD, Laif Casper, MD, Rafael Kunze, MD

Important notice

Due to the still explosive coronalage, entering our practice is unfortunately only possible with a suitable and correctly worn mouth-nose protection, despite general relaxations. Only FFP2 masks (without filters) are considered suitable. These masks should cover both the mouth and the nose and are to be worn during the entire stay in our practice, please.

In this way, you and we protect all our patients to a large extent against infection with viruses by simple means.



Here is an update, since we have to discuss this with our patients several times a day (unfortunately and incomprehensibly, sometimes with very unfriendly rebuttals).

The German Bundestag has passed the amended Infection Protection Act. The Bundesrat (upper house of the German parliament) has also discussed it. It will come into force on Sunday (March 20, 2022).

In a resolution passed by the Conference of Minister Presidents (Feb. 16, 2022), the federal and state governments had decided that the states could take basic protective measures and supplementary protective measures in outbreak situations even beyond March 19: 

A content excerpt from the amended Infection Protection Act:

  • Basic protection is aimed primarily at protecting vulnerable groups. This includes masking obligations in care facilities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, in certain shared accommodations, and in local public transport. Also, basic protections include testing obligations in nursing facilities, hospitals, schools and day care centers, and other facilities.

  • The protections expire on Sept. 23, 2022, but may be readjusted to the situation by then and then extended.


A thorough physical examination, supplemented with functional examination and trigger point diagnostics, is the first step in apparatus diagnostics.

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Conservative therapies

Conservative therapy includes any non-invasive/surgical therapy, which must first be tried exhaustively.

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In addition to conservative therapy methods, as specialists in orthopedic surgery we also offer almost the entire spectrum of orthopedic operations. The goal, however, is always to exhaust the possibilities of conservative therapy and only if this does not bring about an improvement in your symptoms, to discuss surgical treatment with you. Surgery is always the last step in the treatment chain. Surgical therapy can be performed on an outpatient basis in our operating room in the practice or on an inpatient basis in the SANA Kliniken practice clinic in the same building.

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Sports Orthopedics

The risk of sports injuries can never be ruled out. If this should ever happen, specialist sports orthopedic and sports medical care and treatment is an important valuable aid in regaining one's ability to play sports.

We help to heal the musculoskeletal system and enable the desired sports ability again.

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Individual healthcare services

IGel are individual health services, i.e. treatment methods that are not covered by health insurance even though they are medically useful.

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